Why Should People Buy From You?

Welcome to a crash course on how to build the blocks of a landing page, followed by best practices for designing a page that converts successfully.

Is It Worth Investing In Short-Term SEO?

When it comes to increasing your visibility and driving traffic to your website, nothing beats a well-executed SEO campaign. But the question remains, should you opt for a one-time SEO project or an ongoing monthly one?

How To Stop Competing & Start Standing Out

Rather than getting caught up in a competitive mindset, focus your efforts inward. You can carve yourself a corner of the market that is uncontested and pursue growth without getting trapped inside competition.

4 Steps To Getting Better Customer Referrals

How to help your enthusiastic clients & supporters sell your services and products   “If you know anyone who may want to work with us, send them our way!” This is a line often used by growing businesses seeking more referrals from satisfied clients, aligned supporters, and even other owners whose businesses are complementary to […]

Photography Slimming Tips

How to look slimmer in photos? That is such a great question! Working on this is part of our job every time we do any portrait photography.  There are certain things that every single human looks better doing While the list of tips below is not exhaustive (it doesn’t at all get into wardrobe and […]

The #1 Way to Make Your Messaging Convincing

Maybe it’s because you’ve been running your business for years.    You’re great at shaking hands and rambling off a tried-and-true elevator pitch the same way you shift into second gear – without conscious thought but with flawless (if not slightly lifeless) execution.   Maybe it’s because you’ve forgotten the special sauce you offer, or never […]

Outdoor Banners: A Creative Way to Connect with Your Audience

You’ve seen outside banners at events, trade shows, sports venues, retail stores, and other locations where they can attract attention and convey messages to a wide audience.  In Calgary, perhaps the most common place to see a banner is on an overpass.  The city recognizes the value of a banner located at these high profile locations and […]